Creation of a Talents Maker Lab

Luth, Gennevilliers (92)

international competition "inventons la métropole du grand paris"

client: Compagnie de Phalsbourg / ANRU (agence nationale pour la rénovation urbaine) / C&C (codeurs et compagnie):
co-agent architect, in association with AAVP Vincent Parreira and Djuric-Tardio Architectes

winning project 2017 - in progress
32170 m² sdp

Located in the district Luth in Gennevilliers, the project TML (Talents Makers Lab) propose the creation of a new center of different activities. The new center will be composed with a performance hall, a training center, the fab-lab, commercial spaces, restaurants, the offices and an urbain art center.


Images : Matthieu Barrabé